The third season of Nickelodeon GUTS aired from September 12, 1994 to January 13, 1995. The season premiered with five special guest star athletes, and also featured a Big Help special alongside the six-episode precursor to Global GUTS.

This also introduced radical changes to the show's look: the theme song was remixed, and the opening changed significantly. The Aggro Crag was now completely redone, it was now known as the Mega Crag. Players now read their own bios for the Spill Your GUTS segments. In this season, they did a segment called The Mike & Mo Halftime Show.

USA vs. UK

As a precursor to Global GUTS, six contestants hailing from the United Kingdom appeared in their own episode:

  1. Jonny "Spider" Evans
  2. Abi "The Abster" Weston
  3. Wayne "Nightmaster" Norbury
  4. Lorraine "Sapper" Hurst
  5. David "Dynamo" Myall
  6. Leanne "Panther" Kelley

Events introduced

  • Extreme Baseball (replacement for Basic Training)
  • Skurfin' Safari
  • Shoot Out
  • Slam-A-Jama
  • Double Play
  • Dodge It
  • Zero G
  • Vertiboggan
  • Touchdown
  • Peak To Peak
  • The Edge
  • Triple Jump
  • Slap Shot
  • Spin Out
  • Rugby (replaced Fumble in the USA vs. UK episodes)

Events modified

  • Rebound (five attempts instead of seven)
  • Over The Top (heights to clear are now 8'8", 9'4" and 10'0", in place of 6'9", 7'5" and 8'1")
  • Invisible Boat (players now have to touch the opposite end of the pool with their paddle before coming back to finish their run)
  • Jump! Jump! (springs and hurdles are further apart, but the spotter assistance penalties have been removed due to the unfair nature of the rule)
  • White Water (fused together with Wave Runner, although players don't wear helmets and the automatic third place finish for exceeding 60 seconds has been eliminated)

Events dropped

  • Double Play
  • Blade Runner
  • Vertiboggan
  • The Edge
  • Triple Jump
  • Spin Out
  • Touchdown
  • Extreme Baseball
  • Slap Shot

Episode List

Episode # Broadcast # Blue player Red player Purple player Airdate
1 110 Robin "The Lizard" Rexroat Jennifer "The Jaguar" Barnes Bobby "Lightning" Boswell 11/12/1994
2 113 Chris "Powerhouse" Powell Kelly "Cougar" Bernard Bill "Ace" Poole 11/20/1994
3 89 "Fantastic" B.J. Johnson Tiffani "Troublemaker" Douglas "Majestic" Meredith Dungan 09/12/1994
4 104 Ray "The Crusher" Brinson Danny "Head Thrasher" Robinson Erica "Equalizer" Sullivan 10/22/1994
5 95 Chris "Thunder" Yon Rachael "The Riveter" Opsahl Eirene "Kooley" Koulouvaris 09/18/1994
6 115 Ronnie "Rumble" Chambers Brooke "The Humiliator" Howarth Rose "The Rocket" Rodriguez 12/04/1994
7 107 "Radical" Rawley Gallof Jason "The Flash" Corrales Gary "The Bullet" Visser 12/03/1994
8 98 Katie "The Eliminator" Chakour Dwayne "The Viper" Polzer Kenneth "Speedy Gonzalez" McElyea 10/01/1994
9 105 "Jazzy Jessie" Sturgeon Erin "Hot Shot" Doak Joshua "The Dragon" Guzman 10/23/1994
10 101 Kathy "Motor Mouth" Langley Mike "The Shock" Pannucci "Relentless" Ryan Gilmore 10/09/1994
11 119 Angela "Boz" Schaffer Keith "Cheetah" Link "Wild Pat" Petko 12/18/1994
12 111 Kyle "The Creamer" Gilmore Joel "Jam" Morris Mike "Nails" Bradley 11/13/1994
13 97 "Burnin'" Brian Ingalls "Stormin'" Steven Torres "Jumpin'" Jenny McCormack 09/25/1994
14 106 Alex "Bolt" Stutin Sarah "Slick" Hutto Jennifer "Jugular" Calalang 10/29/1994
15 117 Tony "The Tiger" Ruocco Jessie "Punk" Cohan Holly "Home Run" Richeson 12/11/1994
16 120 Blake "Rattlesnake" Gratton Leigh "Street Terror" Long Drew "The Rebel" Nasrallah 01/07/1995
17 118 Jason "The Stud" Wiggins Sara "Mouse" West Jeremiah "Jez" St. Germain 12/17/1994
18 99 Norris "The Nightmare" Lewis Erika "The Shark" Shank Ken "The Jet" Purcell 10/02/1994
19 90 Susan "Bulldozer" Barnes Bryan "Wild Thing" Beer Terrar "Supersonic" Sims 09/13/1994
20 114 "Flawless" Laura O'Dell Derek "Power" Ryder Tina "Destroyer" Page 10/30/1994
21 92 "Superior" Rae Humenick Colleen "The Conqueror" Heysek Jeff "The Regulator" Todd 09/15/1994
22 108 "Incredible" Erin Torgerson Jake "Radical Snake" Patow Jeremy "Mad Bull" Blake 11/05/1994
23 91 Michael "Tsunami" Devitt Leila "Crash" Shoukry "Tremendous" Trecia Swanston 09/14/1994
24 96 Bryan "Bam Bam" Keirn "Nuclear" Nick DuPrey Derek "Mad Dog" King 09/24/1994
25 103 Matt "The Snowman" DuMouchel Scott "The Accelerator" Herrick Carly "Bird" Reed 10/16/1994
26 102 "No Spill" Phil Leclerc Eric "Pro" Ponder Kate "Catastrophe" Blaszkiewicz 10/15/1994
27 109 Michael "Free for All" Bradley Jason "Hammer Head" Bench Brandy "Victory" Veres 11/06/1994
28 100 Brian "The Maniac" McNiff Matt "Hoop it Up" Browarsky "Ramblin'" Rachael Owens 10/08/1994
29 116 David "Dominator" Douglas Richard "Rampage" Clowes Kirsten "Super K" Romeo 12/10/1994
30 94 John "Sure Hands" DiBenedetto Hayes "Ragin' Cajun" Walsh Erica "Gator" Drew 09/17/1994
31 121 Jonny "Spider" Evans Ryan "Annihilator" Tetlow "Swingin'" Lindsay Gates 01/08/1995
32 122 Bret "Bones" Hudas Abi "The Abster" Weston Jessica "Mighty Mouth" Chambers 01/09/1995
33 123 "Chancy" Chad Holcomb "Jovial" Joy Stephenson Wayne "Nightmaster" Norbury 01/10/1995
34 124 Lorraine "Sapper" Hurst Chris "The Speedster" Brown "Glorious" Gabrielle Walls 01/11/1995
35 125 "Robust" Ronny Sutton David "Dynamo" Myall Kristen "Wild Woman" Weimorts 01/12/1995
36 126 Ashley "The Face" Drane Nicole "The Bomber" Bozard Leanne "Panther" Kelley 01/13/1995
37 93 Melissa "Trouble" Tibbs Bobby "The Extreme" Bullock Tina "TNT" Martinez 09/16/1994
38 112 David "Eagle" Archer Rob "Rock" Rauch Craig "Little Man" Rankin 11/19/1994

Special Guest Stars

  • Dominique Wilkins of the NBA, appearing in episode 91 (3-03).
  • Evander Holyfield, world champion heavyweight boxer, appearing in episode 107 (3-19).
  • Picabo Street, Olympic skiier, appearing in episode episode 109 (3-21).
  • Charlie Ward of the NFL, also a Heisman Trophy winner, appearing in episode 111 (3-23).
  • Adam Oates of the NHL, appearing in episode 125 (3-37).
  • Representatives from the charity/organization of the player's choice appeared in the Big Help special, which is episode 126 (3-38).


  • Chris "Thunder" Yon of episode 95 (3-05), Bryan "Wild Thing" Beer of episode 90 (3-19) and "Tremendous" Trecia Swanston of episode 91 (3-23) later appeared in the Nickelodeon All Star Challenge special.
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